Garage Shelving & Organization

Hallelujah! The very small garage in this little cape code is officially organized. Let’s  just take a moment to appreciate a good before after.

Now for some progress photos:


Driveway disaster.

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White Barn Wedding – Prospect, Pennsylvania

August 26, 2016 | White Barn | Prospect, Pennsylvania.
All photos are courtesy of the fabulous John Kendelhardt Photography.
Bride’s makeup by The Pittsburgh Stylist.
Flowers by Posies by Patti.






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Door Upgrade




When I first purchased my house, I had many many projects in mind ranging from big to small that were of course immediately prioritized. One of the projects that fell far on the list was to upgrade the interior doors. Hollowcore, damaged, and dated, over the past few years the doors had become


Bathroom door w/ black knob

more and more of a nuisance, sometimes mysteriously locking themselves. Try coming home having to pee like crazy just to find that your only bathroom door was closed and locked, and the lock was not easy to pick.

First, Adam and I just tried the simple solution-new knobs. Unfortunately, the doors had other plans. Being that they were from 1953, the holes were smaller than present-day standards. So, we purchased a door jig kit from Home Depot, as well as
several door knobs and went at it. That wasn’t enough for me though. Many of the doors had nicks and holes from wear and tear, and I was sick of looking at the general wood color. So alas, we took on the project of


Basement door w/ cat door

sanding, priming, and painting all of the doors in the interior of my little cape cod (10). The prospect of purchasing all new interior doors had of course crossed my mind and was seriously considered. However,we decided to work with what we had in order to be more cost-effective.

This project took some time due to limited space, cutting of the holes, and of course, the paint drying. Did we choose the best time of the year


The doors took over the little garage.

for this? No. The paint was a bit unhappy with the fluctuating weather. You see, this project took place in December and we had temperatures ranging from the 60’s to the 30’s. One day I was even able to paint outside….that was a mistake. A few unlucky bugs decided to land on the wet paint and, well, they are no longer with us.


Painted doors in garage


Ta-da! White doors with black knobs.

We patched the holes/nicks in the doors (w
hich of course was another step that had to dry). I learned ab
out the delightful fumes of oil-based primer, the joy of paint


Bathroom door and closet.

extender, the importance of sanding between coats,  the ease of an oversized paint tray, the convenience of a 5-in-1 for cleaning brushes, and that you should just take the damn hardwear off in advance.

I completed most of the painting prior to leaving for South
Carolina to see Adam’s parents, and when we returned, we put the doors back up. Since the new knobs are black, I used the product rub and buff on the existing hinges so that they would match. So far, the new doors are treating us well. It’s nice to finally have knobs that work 7ff85e67-3d3b-4ce7-9e68-0d903cb5f560properly. In the future, there will have to be touch ups, but that’s pretty normal.




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Star Wars Halloween!

We had an absolute blast doing a Star Wars theme for this year’s Halloween Party!

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New Furniture and Paint

1Surprise! It has been a while since I’ve gotten to do a project, so I’m very excited to report that my Dining Room has received a small make over.

My future in-laws were getting rid of a beautiful bookcase and buffet/entertainment stand and graciously gifted them to us. When

they arrived with the pieces, I was unsure where in our little house they would fit, but it soon became apparent that they would work in the Dining Room. When I painted the room light blue last year, I thought that it was fine, but was still unsure that it was really a necessary thing. Now that the white furniture is there, everything has been tied together. I decided to paint the black buffet white to match the new things. It took 3 coats of heavy duty stuff, and really could use one more, but I will live with it as is. Ta da!

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Rustic Table Numbers

I am all about saving money, that is probably apparent throughout my blog. So, when it comes to things like table numbers for the wedding, I wanted to spend little to nothing-and I succeeded! Adam and I went for a walk and found a few logs/sticks. We carried them back to the house, and Adam cut them into slices. I finished each of them off by using a permanenumberssnt marker to write the numbers, and then a quick layer of mod podge for protection. Done and done, folks. Plain wooden slices retail from about $1.99 – $2.99 each.


Ta da!

Ta da!

Adam cutting the log in the garage.

Adam cutting the log in the garage.

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Bridesmaid Clothespin Dolls

While this is my “House” blog, I also love crafting, so you will have to excuse me for a moment as I take a home improvements break to present you with some wedding-related crafting. I am getting married next August, and like many brides these days, am following the trend of “rustic” wedding. It works for Adam and I because we are not overly formal people and have spent a lot of time together hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. I wanted to do something special for my bridesmaids when asking each of them to be in the wedding, so I made them each a clothespin doll. This idea is not original, and I stumbled across it when using my favorite tool–google. I was so pleased with the final product, the I just “had” to make one of myself, the bride. Enjoy!

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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Basement Freshening

1One evening after work last week, I decided to take some of my leftover, light blue paint from the dining room, and paint the basement stairs. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision that led to me painting the entire stairwell, stairs, AND the basement floor. Most of my (unfinished) basement was that sort of mint-ish green from the 50’s. It could be worse. The stairs are lined with this god-awful, brown speckled carpet runner. However, that will remain because it serves a safety purpose.

Adam in his workshop area-Jack on the table to the left.

Adam in his workshop area-Jack on the table to the left.

I have to say, painting sucks. Some people find it to be soothing, while others seem to hate it. To me-it’s a necessary evil. Paint is a relatively inexpensive fix that has the ability to completely transform a space, and when you are using leftover paint from a previous project, you are really saving yourself time and money.

Patched crack.

Patched crack.


Ta da! Floor paint…

So what did I do to prep the space? First I moved the dreaded litter box upstairs, along with Jack’s food and water, and locked the cat door. I’m sure that he would have loved to step in wet paint and mark his palace with his autograph. No such luck, panther kitty. Next, Adam and I moved all of the STUFF to one half of the basement. I had to patch a crack in the floor prior to painting. (Well, I didn’t HAVE to, but I wanted to do this right). I already had floor paint that I had used to paint the outside step (win). So I went at it. A couple days later, we moved the STUFF to the other side and I painted that side. Now it is all back in place. The space feels fresher. On to the next project. 46

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A dedication to my late grandparents

Yay! It’s finally spring and boy am I thankful for that! The weather has been glorious, so I have been working outside in the yard. Last week I spent time “trenching” the flower beds in an attempt to get a crisper line between the grass and the garden. It is always difficult digging up grass by hand (I learned that the hard way 2 years ago when I built my patio). What a wonderful difference the technique has made. Today I did my annual mulching. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to refresh the yard and slow down the growth of weeds.

1 2 3 4 5

I recently acquired my late grandparent’s bench, so, at the suggestion of a friend, I had a small plaque made to commemorate them. It’s a small gesture, but I’m glad that I did it.

11196249_10102326961063248_5346211125986623866_n 11260942_10102326961098178_6745877853898624611_n

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DIY Lace Jewelry Display


DIY Jewelry Display

I really like jewelry, have a fair amount of it, and wear it on a regular basis. Some of it is currently housed in one of those great, clear organizational hanging jewelry pouches in my closet. The rest was previously in boxes in my top drawer as well as a jewelry box on my dresser. With limited space in my little cape cod, I wanted to come up with an economical solution to organize and utilize my jewelry, so I turned to the internet. There are many options out there, as you might imagine, so I combined various ideas and this was the result.

What you need:
Glue Gun 
Bulletin Board
Hook push pins (or hooks of some kind that you can attach)
Paint or Spray Paint (optional)



1. Gather your supplies
Locate a bulletin board. If you have one lying around, GREAT! You saved money & a step. I got mine at a craft store for under $7. Another option is to buy a sheet of cork and somehow attach it to an old frame.
“Pinhooks” were also a craft store purchase. The lace I used for this project was donated by my father who happened to have a box of old, lace curtains that were in his house when he bought it. Score!


Bulletin board post spray-paint

2. Spray-paint the bulletin board. 


Lace cut to size

This, of course, was an optional step, but I decided last-minute to spray-paint the board silver. I wanted it to be neutral, however, a dark color under the lace would also look really snazzy.

3. Cut the lace to size
I laid one of the old lace curtains on top of the bulletin board and cut around it, being sure to leave enough excess fabric so that I could wrap it around the back of the board tightly (Another option here would be to cut the lace so that it fits within the frame).

4. Glue gun time
Start with a hearty strip of glue that lines the border of the frame. The glue

Pull excess lace tightly around the back of the bulletin board

Pull excess lace tightly around the back of the bulletin board

will go directly on the cork. You may want to wear gloves if your fingers are sensitive to heat. Press the lace firmly to the cork, making sure to leave about 2 inches of excess lace (see photo above). Lift the lace and continue by putting beads or a strip of glue within the frame, and pressing the lace into the glue so that it sticks. Be sure to smooth the lace with your hands as you go so that you do not create unwanted folds or loose areas. Once you have securely glued the lace to the front of the bulletin board, flip it over and pull the excess lace tightly around the back. Glue again.

5. Push pin hooks in the board and hang your jewelry.
Place the push pin hooks on the board where you would like, and you are finished!
Hanging the board can be done like you would hang a painting.


Finished Product

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