I think the Circus is in town!!

Here are two lousy pictures of my new house. The first one I snagged from the realtor.com site and the second I took in a hurry, so forgive the lighting. Better pictures are to come.

Realtor.com Circus Awnings picture
Please note-aluminum awnings, strange 1970's storm door, piece of drift wood that calls itself a house number.

Blurry picture taken April 24, 2012
Progress! The drift wood house number has been removed and is sitting against the house temporarily to the right of the door.

My house is very nice structurally and I am confident that this house will be even more wonderful once I have customized it. This of course is a long and continuous process (as I’m sure you would agree if you have ever owned a house). Some people (like the last owners) would be willing to live in the home as-is. However, I am so anxious to take down the circus awnings, among other things. Yesterday I had a brand new furnace and air conditioning unit installed. Those were first priority. Tomorrow I am having a plumber dig up part of my yard to replace the existing leaky gas line (yikes! I’m thankful that the gas company tested this). He is also going to put the meter outside since it currently resides in the basement. My goals for this weekend are-grout the kitchen wall tile and remove the awnings.

Outdoor Improvements to Come, some sooner than later:

  • Circus Awning Removal-
    -Includes reconfiguring storm drain/pouring more cement to avoid water collection near house
  • 2 new windows, double hung (they are ordered and should be installed in about 3 weeks)
  • New storm door
  • Add molding to and paint existing front door white
  • Add molding around front door
  • New house numbers (Don’t worry! With the help of a friend I removed the existing, drift-wood that previously contained my house number)
  • Paint to front step
  • Landscaping

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