Goodbye Clowns!

Watch your eyes! The sun might blind you but here is the house without the awnings. Scroll down to my second post to see the before.

Well folks, the aluminum awnings have officially been removed from my house. While my front yard clearly looks like it is under construction, I am so excited to no longer have the aluminum eyesores attached to my cape cod.

Whoops! When part of the crew were digging up the dreadful stumps, they accidentally shattered part of the terracotta storm drain.

It was a more difficult task than I had anticipated. This of course is what my dad had been trying to tell me all along. I cannot take any credit for the labor that went into the removal.

Tell me that this doesn't remind you of a circus tent.

In fact, I will admit that my sole job here was to nag. I am so grateful to have these competent people in my life. Many bolts had to be loosened, metal hammered, and objects/people propped up.

Here you can see the temporary configuration of my gutter, so as to avoid water leaking down my foundation.

The neighbors were nice enough to come over and assist in the carrying of the giant fixture. The house might look bare now to some (and definitely could use a good scrub down), but with the renovations that are to come, you will see that this house is shaping up. 🙂

The men carrying the massive awning away


One thought on “Goodbye Clowns!

  1. Grace says:

    Everything always seems easier than it’s going to be when you’re talking home improvements. The results look great Mare, can’t wait to join the team!

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