My hands are the Sahara

This weekend was rather productive with the Chez Mary renovation team. The house is certainly a work in progress, and don’t be alarmed when you see the pictures. Use your imagination! If you have an eye for potential like I do then hopefully you will see the gem that I see.

Here is the area behind the refrigerator that served as our testing strip.

Friday afternoon I was faced with a dilemma. When your plumber calls you at work and says, “I’ve got some bad news and some more bad news,” this should raise some concern. Nothing horribly major though. The existing gas line was too worn to simply put a liner through so it has to be completely replaced. Therefore, this weekend I was without gas, heat, and consequently, hot water.

Friday and half of Saturday were devoted to grouting the kitchen. I had the chance this weekend to meet some of my new neighbors who gave me the low-down on the previous owners. Apparently, the reason why the bank had to replace the kitchen was that the previous owners decided to take the whole thing with them when they left. Unfortunately, the seemingly careless contractors who did the hasty renovations decided to a. Not finish cutting the tile border that surrounds the backsplash and half of the kitchen wall, and b. Neglected to grout.

Here is what the tile looked like after it was grouted. 🙂

One of my best friends and I tackled the grouting ourselves this weekend. We started by staring at the bucket, instructions, and kitchen walls for a while. It was rather chilly in the house without any sort of heat. I will definitely say that I despise the consistency of grout and the residue that it left on my hands. I know, I know! We should have worn gloves. You don’t have to tell me! I’ve been obsessively applying lotion ever since.

The kitchen looks wonderful now that the tile is grouted. There are some areas that will have to be touched up, and once I find someone with a wet saw, we will be able to officially finish the border. I bought some caulking that will be used in the gap between the floor and the wall tile.

I must say though that all in all, the grouting project was a success and I am quite pleased with the results. 🙂

Next step for the kitchen: Caulk the base of the tile (not shown here) and choose hardware for the cabinets.
(and scrub everything!)


3 thoughts on “My hands are the Sahara

  1. sketchkat06 says:

    Despite the stupid lack of grout, those deadbeat contractors actually picked out a very nice tile for you! Good job.

    • Thanks. I like the fact that there is tile in the kitchen and flooring is nice because it’s both easy to clean and does not show dirt. However, I am accustomed to having kitchens that have white cabinets, grey counters, etc. Instead I am faced with warmer colors like browns and beiges. I’m having a hard time decorating it because of this. For instance, I need to pick out window treatments and I’m not a curtain person.

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