Scrapping the Awnings

Awning scraps after we lifted them into the dumpster.

Okay Okay. By now you are probably sick and tired of hearing about these aluminum circus awnings, but I doubt this is the last time I will bring them up. This past weekend was devoted to moving furniture from the storage unit into my house. However, my dad and I thought that while we had the moving truck in our possession, it would be wise to take the remaining pile of unsightly aluminum sitting in my backyard to be scrapped.

My dad, friend, and I threw the metal in the back of the truck, piece by piece. We hopped in and headed an exit over to Neville Island. There we followed the river in an attempt to find the proper business that would accept the metal.

Here is the scrap yard. Looks dangerous.

Once we arrived at the proper place, I was amazed by the seemingly endless piles of rusted metal, men in hardhats, and large machinery. At that point I wished that I was wearing steel-toed boots, thick jeans, gloves, and a hardhat. Instead I was sporting some cargo shorts and flip flops.

A hairy, tattooed gentleman instructed us to back into the warehouse area, wait for him to drive a dumpster behind the truck, and then load all of the scrap into it. The entire scrap site reminded me of The Brave Little Toaster.

In the end, we were lucky enough to walk away with $87 dollars. Who knew that I would end up profiting from those ridiculous awnings.


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