Grand Entrance (a work in progress)

Ugly storm door.

Awnings stripped, lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, and first flowers planted in the garden–all thanks to my dad. Progress is certainly being made on the curb appeal of “Awning Estate.”  It is slowly but surely transforming into the home that I imagined it could be. The entrance of a house is a pertinent part to its overall appeal, after all, it is the first thing that visitors notice when they approach, and we all know the importance of first impressions.

Dad installing molding.

The current storm door looks like it was the thing to have in the 1970’s. There are 2 fogged rectangles of glass that are tinted yellow as if they have been drowned in iodine. The middle screen is bent, letting wasps freely enter and exit.

A few days ago, I purchased the plain wood molding from Home Depot and Dad cut the angles so that there would be 2 long rectangles and a square.

Next, the molding was placed on the door with wood glue and a few small nails.

Once the glue dried, my sister and I filled the holes with wood putty.

Grace painting the door.

Grace took charge and painted the door white.

The door looks fantastic and we are on our way to having a marvelous front entrance. The new handle and deadbolt have been installed on the door. I saved a lot of money by choosing faux paneling and paint rather than a new front door.

Front Door without hardware.

Here are the plans for the entry:
1. Remove awning (CHECK)
2. Put faux panels on interior door and paint white (CHECK)
3. Replace storm door with new, full view, glass storm door (Measure people are scheduled to come this week so that I can place my order)
4. Add pilasters and acorn pediment (basically colonial style molding around the door. This can be ordered once I measure it)
5. Replace light
6. Paint stairs


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