Magical Mulch

Before: You can see the terribly uneven, ugly colored mud.

Well, it’s official. My sister and I are finally moved into my house as of Saturday. It took some sweat, curse words, and help from others but the house is now successfully occupied. My Saturday morning was spent organizing the seemingly endless boxes in the basement.

The Supplies

After: a much richer more even look

My dad sawed out one of the shelves in the creepy, cinder-block storage closet and I was able to shove nearly all of the holiday boxes into the space. You see, when we moved from the large family house, neither my mother nor my father took the holiday boxes. Therefore, I ended up with over 10 boxes of Christmas decorations; items that had been collected over the years including three Christmas trees, Christmas children’s books, family ornaments, and antiques. This Christmas I will surely be consolidating my decoration supply.

Prior to squashing 25 years worth of Christmas into a creepy closet, my friend Shannon and I took turns shop vacuuming the entire basement ceiling and walls. There were spider webs absolutely everywhere. It was repulsive. I have since sprayed the basement with insecticide.

Onto other matters-Grace and I planted some additional flowers in the front garden. This garden, which once contained a row of hedges, had some really rocky and dry dirt to work with.

Beautiful flowers courtesy of Aunt Kip.

I had not planted anything since I was a young child so this was a very interesting experience. Besides the dirt drying on my hands, I enjoyed myself.


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