Let there be ..furniture

Beautiful flowers in the backyard

The move into the house was successful. Now that I am living here, I am able to make little bits of progress each evening after work. Rooms are beginning to come together but still lack a certain touch of “home.” It will all come together eventually. Like most things, it just takes time.


Most recent addition to the Kitchen: Cabinet hardware!

Today I had the day off and managed to plant a few more snap dragons in the garden. I also swept and mopped the basement floor. That may seem pointless to some because it is cement, however, it makes me feel better. After taking my car to get an oil change, I came back and fought with the giant spiky so-called weeds that are invading my front yard. I think that they are secretly aliens attempting to use my yard as a headquarters.

Family Room-4 photographs will hang above the couch-stay tuned.

The storm door is purchased along with pilasters and an acorn pediment to spruce up the front entrance. All of this should happen within the next month.

The Study

One of the most interesting rooms so far seems to be what we are considering the “study.” It is a room on the first floor with a love seat, bookshelves, my desk, and the cedar chest.

Painting in the study

The family room is beginning to come together. I have four black, square picture frames that my mother got me from ikea that will go above the couch. I am in the process of ordering some photographs for them.


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