My bed

Before: It was too tall

When I moved into this house I was given 75% of my parent’s furniture. I was very lucky in that respect because I wasn’t faced with an empty house or a house full of curb-side, grandma couches. When choosing a bed, I figured that it was time to move from a twin-size to a full-size. I don’t necessarily need the space considering I literally stay on my back in one spot all night (yeah, I’m one of those strange people). After all of the typical and non-typical expenses of purchasing an older home, I was in no position to splurge on a bed.

This is the headboard after Dad cut it down to a normal size and Grace began to paint it.

We had always had this antique bedroom set that I never really liked. I was willing however to settle for it rather than purchasing something new. Then I realized that there was no way that the extremely tall headboard would fit into my new bedroom (it has slanted ceilings since it’s a cape cod). So, thanks to my sister and Dad, I now have a lovely new bed that fits very nicely in my room.

The finished product!

This bed was taken from a parsonage that my grandparents lived in years ago. The date carved in the back of it is 1884. So yes, I am sleeping on a bed that is over 125 years old.


2 thoughts on “My bed

  1. sketchkat06 says:

    OMG, I would have killed for that bed frame! Things with history like that behind them (and you know the history too!) are so interesting.
    But I am settled quite happily with my Ikea one 🙂

    • Yes. This is a neat bed for sure. Eventually, for my back’s sake, I should invest in a new mattress. It’s debatable how old mine is. I like Ikea and hopefully will take a trip there soon!

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