Gutter Fix

In this picture you can sort of see the make shift solution to the issue. It consisted of a tarp and sticking some stones in the broken storm drain (which was located at the end of the garden in the hole)

I am happy to say that the storm drain and gutter have been successfully rerouted and are ready to go, thanks to my dad of course. Over the weekend, my father decided to tackle the project. Remember, the gutter and downspout had been connected to the aluminum awning and sort of weaved throughout.

My father found the proper sized pipe to fit into the existing broken storm drain. Now the downspout is on the right side of my house, goes underground, and washes out at the street.

There is dad working on the gutter.

Grace, my father, and I stood on 3 different sized ladders, and carried the delicate gutter off of the house so that a new hole could be cut on the correct side, and the existing hole could be patched. I am telling you, it amazed me how many types of sealers there are out there. There is a sealer and glue for everything. Gutter sealer looks like some sort of glitter-glue, and smells strongly of shoe polish or another familiar chemical.

The next step to finish the water issue will be to lay a nice block of cement so that the water will not collect near the house.


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