Shiny Storms

After…Yum! Look at that shine. I just hope no one accidentally tries to walk through it.

Hurray! I finally have my beautiful, shiny, new storm door, and what a difference it makes! The entrance to a home is so important, just like a first impression. At first I was going to wait to post pictures with the new windows as well. But then I decided that it’s important to see the step-by-step transformation process.

I chose the mid-level model of storm door from Home Depot. It is heavy, which is good for insulating purposes. There is a lock for added home security, along with some solid nickel handles. I have to applaud myself on the choice.


My mother has already purchased a wonderful, classic-looking lamp to replace that creepy, rusting, death trap. The next step will be to install the pilasters and pediment around the door. This will be finished off by the installation of the new lamp, and hanging the beautiful address plaque that Grace made.


7 thoughts on “Shiny Storms

  1. Meghan says:

    Nice transformation! Our front porch is YUCK too! Another project I wanna do… maybe later this summer or next year 🙂 I’m wondering what door color to do… I want it to pop against our light blue/grey siding… maybe a dark smokey grey or blue?… hmmm

    • There are so many things that I would like to do but I have to balance it all out and decide which is the most important to me. Updating an entry though definitely makes a difference. In fact, I am officially proud of my house now that the front is presentable.

      Grey siding-You could always take a picture of your house and play around with the computer, copy pasting different doors or colors onto it. 😛

    • sketchkat06 says:

      Well if you really want a pop with that blue/grey… what about a medium coral? not so traditional as red and kinda playful 🙂

  2. sketchkat06 says:

    I’m glad you didn’t wait! Some projects stretch out for so long you either lose the pictures or half the changes are accidentally revealed in other posts or the final reveal is sooooo long.
    I broke up my pallet planter project into like 5 posts because I couldn’t do it all at once and wanted to keep sharing. So thank you for not holding back!

  3. I’m trying to keep good track of the fixes to the house. The smaller projects make a difference and those are the ones that I need to pay more attention to.

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