Wow, my house looks so fresh, it’s a phenomenal transformation and I’m so excited! From the stumps removal to the awning removal to the painted steps to the paneled white front door to the storm door replacement to the window replacement to the flower planting to the edging installation to the address plaque makeover to the brick touch up to the lamp replacement to the gutter/storm drain fix and finally-to the attachment of the pediment and pilasters…I would say that this is most certainly a success.

I visited my grandparents with Grace on Saturday and when we returned, my dad told me that he had done 3 things to the house. Of course, he failed to mention which 3 things. The first was rather obvious-he had taken off the old, rusty outdoor lamp and replaced it with the new, classic one that my mother bought me. The second wasn’t so obvious since he (hopefully) fixed the hot water heater leak. The third came to me when I was standing in the kitchen late at night and heard a “klunk, klunk, klunk.” I opened the freezer and the ice maker was making ice! He installed a water line to my fridge. YAY!

All of the aside, I am most excited about the pilasters and pediment that have really pulled together the overall appeal of the house. The Fypon pilasters and pediment shipped to me last week or the week before. The material is very light, much like foam, and although they were primed, I was instructed to paint a coat of exterior latex white on them for additional protection. Dad used his drill to make holes in the mortar and used screws to attach the pilasters/pediment to the brick. He sunk the screwed and then filled the holes with putty. I still need to dab some white paint over the putty later today. He plans to build some white blocks to make the bottom of the pilasters even with something rather than hang off of the steps. For now though, I am quite pleased. I think that my house is becoming a home.


2 thoughts on “Fresh!

  1. kaceytorres says:

    What an adorable house! It makes me miss my first house which I absolutely loved! When my husband and I got married a year and a half ago, mine was more suited to sell, so I had to say goodbye to it:( Now I’m in the process of fixing up our townhouse…which is way less cute, but I’m enjoying myself nonetheless.

    • Thanks. I’m pretty excited about it, especially now that the front of it is more presentable. I’m thinking that I will finally have a house warming party in August. I’m finally prepared to show it off. I’m sorry that you had to sell your house but hey, compromise-I hear it’s a good thing ;-). You’ll have a good time fixing up your current house I bet!

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