Recycling Furniture

How exciting! Guests and I no longer have to sit on the couch or stand in the kitchen in order to enjoy a meal. A few weeks ago, I sold my parent’s dining room set (one that I had inherited) to a nice lady who had found my ad on craigslist. My ad did not lie- the set was beautiful, in good condition, and served our family well over the years as an elegant, formal place to eat. However, the furniture was not only too formal for my house and purposes, it was also slightly over-sized for such a small space.Therefore, I began looking into alternative options. I thought that it would be nice to think of the dining room as a continuation of the kitchen. A casual yet classy space in which myself and guests would feel welcome to eat and socialize. The problem with a formal dining room these days is that it tends to only get used on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

So my mother, Grace, and I had been searching for the right table, nothing too big and nothing too expensive.


We were close to settling for a nice round, pedestal-type that was $500 for the table and 4 chairs. One unsuspecting day, Grace sent me a picture of a table and chairs that her boyfriend’s parents had found while garage sale-ing. It seemed too big in the picture, and not really what I wanted. The table had clearly been meant for a kitchen and was blond wood…when I had had my heart set on black. Almost anything can be painted though.


So, without my formal consent, Grace had them purchase the table. It was $50. When they brought it over, it was much smaller than I had anticipated. In fact, it was the exact size that I had wanted (although I had originally wanted round). The cushions were beige and somewhat covered in grease stains, but overall, the condition was favorable. Prior to being painted black, the chairs looked goofy…sort of juvenile, like something you would see in an elementary school. The paint and fabric made all the difference.


It took 5 coats of paint, even after a light sanding. Grace upholstered the chairs with a lovely fabric that she and my mother picked out. I am very pleased with the results. I will add additional pictures when I get them.

Yucky picture of me extra focused on painting.

I plan to add some artwork and perhaps some sort of small buffet, but this is an excellent start.

I’m taking a little break from painting for the time being. The yard is beginning to look more lush and hydrated. I have been watering it (when I remember/have time) since my dad planted grass seed. The flowers are vibrant and have taken over the garden. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Recycling Furniture

  1. Mizz Winkens says:

    Your newly renovated table and chairs look very slick. 5 coats- you deserve a medal! But all your hard work was definitely worth it. : )

  2. azsoap says:

    I think it looks amazing! After you tire of it you could resell it too, it looks like pottery barn in that glossy black.

    • Thank you! I will definitely be able to sell it for a little bit if I feel the need for an update. The other day, my neighbors put out some furniture for the trash and I was tempted to snatch it up and refurbish…but I’m a tiny bit burnt out at the moment. I’m taking a short break and enjoying the house. 🙂

  3. Meghan says:

    LOVE THIS! I want to do something with our dining set – it’s a hand-me down from my parents I’ve had since college so it’s OK to paint or do whatever. Take a peak at it here: Let me know your suggestions! I already picked out some light blue curtains… not sure what to do about the table tho…

    • Thank you. Wow-that looks like a nice room. I think my parents once had those exact chairs that you have currently. I know that there is stuff that you can buy that strips finish and allows you to refinish furniture. It might look good as a darker wood. However, I’ve been told that the chemical is not all that safe and is difficult to work with. I tend to stick with black or white when it comes to furniture because it’s classic and you can’t go wrong. White might make it more of a country feel. I think the chairs would look nice in all one color, though I’m no expert.

      Thanks for visiting. Let me know how they turn out. 🙂

  4. kaceytorres says:

    Wow, your $50 table looks fabulous! I’m in the midst of trying to find a dining room table right now:P I’m not willing to pay much, but I want something huge…I’m thinking about making one! I found plans on someone’s blog for making a table for only $70. Now if only I can convince my dad to help:)

    • Thank you so much. If you can’t tell from my other posts, my dad has been VERY helpful throughout this process. But my sister and I were happy to have completed this particular project from start to finish by ourselves. It would be great to make a table. I had thoughts of possibly taking a round table top from an ugly old one and attaching it to a nice pedestal and then painting it but this came up first. Good luck!

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