Comedic Garden Hose

When I bought my house 2 months ago, the yard was a mess. The grass was about a foot high, and there were so many spiky weeds that it looked as if there had been an alien invasion. As most of you know, weeding is pretty much an endless process, so each time that I find a new one, I try to pull it out, root and all. Pulling the weeds has however left many large, grassless patches in my yard. In order to remedy this, my father treated the lawn with weed killer, fertilizer, and planted grass seed. He instructed me to water the grass in the morning and at night…and I have been O.K. about that. In fact,  ever since he hooked up the hose, I’ve been excited to keep my flower garden refreshed.

The hose that my father initially attached was a faded green color and seemed awfully soft and malleable. I could not complain of course because this hose came at no cost to me, and it seemed to serve its purpose….until….

Last week I got home from work and decided that it would be a good time to water. The sun had gone down a bit so I knew that the water wouldn’t just instantly evaporate. I turned on the hose with the clamps (whoops-still haven’t gotten around to buying a handle for the spigot). As I began to water I realized that I didn’t have enough slack, so I carelessly yanked the hose in order to reach the other side of the yard. As soon as I did that, I heard a POP!  I had snagged it on a stump and before I knew it my clothing was soaked and the hose was spraying uncontrollably. The first method of repair that came to my mind was duct tape. Now, now, don’t judge! I didn’t realize it wouldn’t be waterproof. A few days later, my dad bought a repair kit and the hose was back and ready for action.

HOWEVER–yesterday was Sunday. It was a beautiful day and once again, time to water the yard. Having learned my lesson, I carefully unrolled the hose and was very mindful of any stump or stone that might puncture its worn skin. As I began to spray, I noticed a small leak in a new spot. Annoyed that this had happened, I bent over to get a better look and SPLASH! The hose exploded again, leaving me wet and causing me to throw it and kick off my shoes. It was hilarious. Needless to say, my father was nice enough to surprise me with a new hose from target-nothing fancy-but it is much sturdier and definitely does the trick.

The flowers look vibrant and lush and the lawn is beginning to look better already. I have not seen any new grass yet but it should come up soon enough.


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