Rearranging Furniture Makes a Difference!

Like most moving processes, mine was a bit hectic and somewhat disorganized at times. Packing up years and years of things is difficult, and knowing that I was going to be taking a majority of the furniture into a much smaller houses, I was prompted to get rid of a lot of knick knacks and decorations. Clutter is extremely bothersome to me. It makes me feel as if things are not clean or put away. Being in an organized space makes moods calmer and more relaxed. Of course, towards the end of the move, we got more and more careless and just wanted everything to disappear. I am now wondering what we even kept. No matter though. I have my own life to accumulate seemingly useless objects, and believe me, I will.

Now-onto the progress. Homeownership is going alright so far. Now that I have lived here for a while and have taken care of the majority of really obvious repairs and renovations, I have had the chance to test out what works and what doesn’t. The new furniture in the family room sparked something-a desire to rearrange the other rooms.

End table originally in family room, mosaic mirror that was in my old bed room, and random Italian print from a calendar that I stuck in a frame.

First of all, when we added the new bookshelves in the family room, we noticed that it seems too cluttered, so we removed one of the end tables and added it to the entry way. This really added something and to top that off I finally found a place for my mosaic mirror.

One day, Grace and I decided that there was something not right about the kitchen. So we got some of the felt dots, stuck them under the china hutch, and carefully moved it to the dining room. I had been keeping my eye out for a piece of furniture for a while and this just made sense, seeing that the table is black as well. This really opened up the kitchen and is allowing a space for a nice bistro set (that is to be continued probably in my next post). Speaking of the kitchen, my blinds finally came in the mail. They ended up being nearly the same color as the cabinets but they give the kitchen a “finished” look.

Kitchen blinds

I still have to say that the kitchen isn’t my style (I prefer white and grey to brown and beige), but again, I’m grateful that it is new and clean.

Finally, now that the hutch is in the dining room, we needed a place for Grace’s eisel. This of course then sparked the rearranging of the study. I’m quite pleased with the results. Before, it just seemed so open and unfinished.

This is what the study looked like before.

Now it is more comfortable and serves as a second living room. The desk, which was initially against one of the windows, is now in the corner. I enjoy it much more actually because I am able to look out the window at some beautiful trees and my neighbor’s nice fence.

Here is what it looks like now.

We added the rug that my mom has had for years. Audrey and Lewis are loving the new comfortable space.


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