I see you!

To all of the lovely (and perhaps not so lovely) people who will be ringing my doorbell and knocking on my door, I am pleased to announce that I can see you! I received an email advertisement for Home Depot’s free shipping with no minimum purchase deal in honor of Labor Day and I thought to myself, “Okay, what is something inexpensive that I am far too lazy to travel to buy?” Then it hit me- a few weeks ago when my doorbell had rung mid-morning I got a little spooked. My blinds were closed and because there is no discreet way to peek out of them, I could not tell who was at the door. The windows at the top are too high to see out of so I was out of luck. I ordered a peep hole on the website with free shipping for a little over $3.50 and it was delivered a few days later. Over the weekend, my dad drilled a hole in the door. Surely this is something that I could have done but I had asked to borrow his drill set and since he came along with it, I just let him do the honors. 😉 All it took was an initial 1/8th inch drill bit for marking and then a large drill bit to go through one way, then the other. The peep hole part unscrewed, I popped one side in, then screwed in the other and ta da!

So there you have it. The newest addition to my home. I’m sure that it will prove to be very useful in the future. I’m not sure how the previous owners functioned without one. Perhaps they were too busy getting egged for their shady dealings.



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