Painting on a whim…& the bird incident.


Last weekend I finally snapped. I could no longer deal with the cheap contractor’s beige that permeated the walls of my study. As the room that contains my computer and board games, this is one of my most lived-in rooms. Therefore, being that I am a clutz, I tend to have many spills and accidents. And if you’ve ever dealt with contractor’s paint, you know that whether it’s water or oil, a splash on the wall will stain.


Speaking of stains, one of the wall stains that you may not expect to be inside of a house is, well, bird poop. A few weeks ago I came home from work and heard a strange noise coming from my study. My heart began to race as I carefully entered the room only to find a poor bird, frantically flying from window to window in an attempt to escape. Since then, I have come to the conclusion that there are birds living in my chimney and one somehow squeezed its way into


After! Grace’s camera takes better pictures

my home. That will be an issue I’ll deal with some other time. The bird also explained why Lewey, who has become better about peeing in the house, had had an accident in the kitchen that day. I’m sure that he was very excited to have another animal in the house!

At least the space seems cozy..

Since that incident, I have continued to find bird poop that I managed to miss in the initial clean up. Oh, how did I get the bird out? I opened the window and it flew away…..probably back into my chimney, but at least not into my study.

Back to the paint-so I journeyed to Home Depot one Sunday afternoon, grabbed a handful of paint samples, chose one, and then purchased the paint. I knew that if I didn’t do this right then and there, I would never have the courage to choose a color. You live, you learn. I’m not entirely pleased with it because of the cool, purple undertones. I would have preferred warmer, reds or oranges, but paint is a funny thing. Sometimes I think it just does what it wants. As a rationalization, at least I can paint over it. It’s not permanent.However, I can’t say that I ENJOY painting, so that probably won’t happen for a while.

On to other things for now. Like decorating for Christmas….and hopefully a garage door opener.


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