Decorating for Christmas

Well folks, it’s not even December and I have already assembled and decorated my Christmas Tree. I used to be utterly opposed to this if it was not at least December 1st, but it is simply difficult to resist when the whole country seems to be PUSHING the holiday “spirit.” …Did I say holiday spirit? What I meant to say was commercialism/consumerism.

Though I seemed to have partaken in the early Christmas craze, I was astonished by the amount of businesses that were open this year on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is suppose to be the one day of the year that we all get a “break” and spend quality (or chaotic) time with our family and friends. Hugs, kisses, scrumptious home cooking, heated arguments, laughter, insults–the whole nine yards. We have the right to experience this without the interruption of petty spending and work.

Anyway, Thanksgiving set aside, this is my first time decorating my OWN house for Christmas. With that said, I’ve already assembled the MASSIVE artificial tree in the family room. It looked rather hilarious at first since it seems to cover part of the fireplace. However, now that it is decorated and the village was placed on the mantel, it looks a little less overwhelming. The pictures are not ideal due to the lighting. I assure you that it is much better in person. Perhaps when Grace returns from school she will take pictures with her nice new camera.


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