Rearrange and Change

Have you ever woken up in the morning and decided that you HATED one of the rooms in your home and needed a change? Hate is a strong word, I know. In fact, I didn’t hate my family room but I knew that I wasn’t satisfied with it.

Grace and I had brought home those square shelving units from Ikea over the summer only to find that my measurements were about 4 mm off. That prevented me from being able to put them on either side of the fireplace, leaving on shelf to the right of the fireplace, and one on another wall. The lack of symmetry was driving me crazy.

So, I tried a few different arrangements by myself and still dissatisfied, I moved the room back to its original state. Later, my mom came over and I told her my dilemma. She said that we should try something different, and we did. Part of this issue has to do with the layout of the room, where the window is, where the entry ways sit, etc. My bulky, inherited furniture doesn’t help the case. Nevertheless, we found an arrangement that I am extremely satisfied with.

It’s funny how once you fix one thing you notice a new flaw. I think that this is the case with life in general. No one is ever truly satisfied. Then again, that sort of gives us a reason to live…or at least something to do.

I need a piece or series of artwork for the wall with the television now. It’s very blank. I also need a large piece of art above the fireplace. It would eventually be nice to have a new fireplace screen and some lamps but these are not necessities.Image


2 thoughts on “Rearrange and Change

  1. Meghan says:

    oh I rearrange furniture ALL the time. I’m happy with something for a few months, then I feel the need for change. You’re not the only one pushing a couch across the living room floor at odd hours, just to see if it’ll look better over there…

    I have similar Ikea shelves in my living room!

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