Blue Blue Blue Bedroom

I finally deci???????????????????????????????ded to paint my bedroom. Again-I tend to paint on a whim because if I put too much thought into it, I will en???????????????????????????????d up talking myself out of it. However, in this case I had this color in mind for my bedroom even before I moved into my house. It is called “Cornflower Blue,” making it subtle with purple undertones. It’s a soothing, beautiful color. In a bedroom this small with a cape cod style ceiling, I think it’s important to choose a light color. The contractor’s beige is slowly phasing itself out of my house. Then again, I do like the neutrality of the color. The paint though is such a low quality that anything from water to cleaning spray can stain the wall.

Paint is great. It can really add to or transform a room. With that said, I am not satisfied with the color I chose for the study so I will be changing it very soon. Chances are it will still be brown but it will be a warmer brown ???????????????????????????????with orange undertones rather than purple (whoops).


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