The Mirror Made the Difference!

living roomOver the past week I have been making small changes to my family room and boy have they made a difference! Since I moved in, I have not been satisfied with the family room. It is really hard to configure a room, especially in an old house with furniture that I inherited. My previous post shows the change that I made to the fireplace screen. I must say, it now looks brand new. I am quite pleased with my $5 fix, but the screen just wasn’t enough. I have been keeping my eyes out for something to put above the fireplace for some time now, yet I knew that it was not in my budget. I didn’t want something overwhelming that would make the place feel cluttered. So, while I was at my dad’s the other day I spotted a large mirror that was not in use. A few days later I asked if I could try it out in my family room. Well, I’m happy to say that my fireplace finally looks complete. It may not be ideal but I worked with what I had and ta da! ???????????????????????????????

Once the mirror went up, I realized that the opposite wall was blank. I read somewhere that a mirror in a room should reflect something interesting (like artwork) on the other side. So, I took the decorative plate that had been sitting on the fireplace mantel, and hung it on the opposite wall. It was no simple task. I made a plate hanger out of two thick wire hangers. So, next on my list is gardening and the patio construction.???????????????????????????????

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “The Mirror Made the Difference!

  1. Marthafied says:

    Love the mirror (and you big fireplace!!! Is it a wood burning fire?) the mirror really opens up the whole space!

    • Thanks! You know what? It IS a wood burning fireplace but I have not yet had someone to come inspect it. I bought the house last April and it was technically a foreclosure so to be safe, I need to have someone check it out. Plus, there is a family of birds living in there I think so the chimney will need to be capped off once that is address.

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