Spring is here!-Part 1

This came up on its own in my backyard!

This came up on its own in my backyard!


Winter view of my house!

After a cold and drab winter that lasted way too long for my taste, I am happy to finally say that SPRING IS HERE! I love Spring-the colors, smells, sights, temperature, sounds, the anticipation of all that follows. You may remember that in the fall, my dad and Adam helped remove the way-too-thick, concrete slab that had been situated beneath one of my circus awnings. Once the concrete was removed, and the gap was filled with dirt, it left an unsightly blank spot in my yard. You also may remember from last year, my beautiful annuals that Aunt Kip had given me as a house warming gift. These flowers flourished and took over the world, at least, the world of my garden. Amazingly, they continued to bloom all the way into October. One day, they turned into a giant pile of dead and I pulled them out, seemingly in one tangle, and proceeded to lazily throw them into my lower flower bed (the dumping ground).

The winter brought a fair amount of snow, and when the ground was covered, my house undoubtedly looked like a greeting card.  But, once that snow melted I was left with a barren wasteland of death. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic. As soon as we began to experience better weather, I attempted to plant grass on the large rectangular area of the former concrete slab-No luck to start but in the past 2 weeks, I have begun to address the issue again and little by little the grass is peaking through the rough, mostly clay ground. When I moved in last April, my yard was in bad shape. There were several stumps that my uncle and cousin were nice enough to remove, outdated railroad ties lining the garden, and terrifying, alien-like spike weeds invading most of the yard. This year, I am happy to say that the grass is noticeably healthier both aesthetically and by touch. I mowed the lawn for the first time this season two weeks ago, which was rather exciting.

Butterfly at Phipps Conservatory

Butterfly at Phipps Conservatory


2 thoughts on “Spring is here!-Part 1

  1. “barren wasteland of death” LOL LOL! You are too funny! I love the little red flower that came up by itself (in your pic at the top). Little things like that make me happy – for some reason I have tulips coming up in odd places -where I didn’t plant them. Think the squirrels move them?

    • Those little things make me incredibly happy also! Maybe the squirrels are moving them. I read somewhere that some HUGE number of trees are planted every year because squirrels forget about their acorns. 🙂

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