Spring is here!-Part 2

Car full of plants!

Car full of plants!

After viewing the lovely Spring exhibit at Phipps Conservatory on Saturday with my mother and aunt, it was time to address my own garden. On a very rainy Sunday, my mother and I ventured to the local Home Depot on a very important mission-to obtain mulch, boxwoods, and some perennials that would give my garden a more permanent solution. Seeing that my plant knowledge is extremely limited, consulting the mother was an absolute necessity. As we trekked around a very wet, outdoor portion of Home Depot, she helped choose beautiful flowers that she knew would compliment my house.

Audrey guarding the plants and Lewis in the window!

Audrey guarding the plants and Lewis in the window!

With two full carts, we headed to the car, hoods up and soaked with rain. Nevertheless, we arrived at the house and began to plant. I have read mixed views about gardening in the rain. It was only sprinkling and the ground was not flooded so we went ahead with it. Audrey the poodle was very excited about the addition of flowers. For some reason, she has always loved them.
Mother and I planted and planted until everything was in the ground. We finished it off by mulching the beds. This made all the difference.

Front of the house

Front of the house

I still need to buy another bag of mulch to finish the deed, but I am happy to say that the front yard looks lovely. The grass will be coming in soon enough to cover the muddy spot, and hopefully at some point I can finish the beds off with some nice stones to edge.

Another view

View of where the concrete slab once existed. Now I am growing grass there.

Next project-BACKYARD BRICK PATIO-stay tuned!


The grass if finally starting to grow where my concrete used to be!

Annuals-courtesy of Aunt Kip!

Annuals-courtesy of Aunt Kip!


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