My brick patio-

Completed patio with furniture

Completed patio with furniture

FINALLY!-I am pleased to announce that my (approx.) 225 square foot brick paver patio is complete! While I don’t have a final count on labor hours, sweat, and tears, I can certainly tell you that the project was quite physically demanding. My legs are bruised and my muscles are sore, but at least now I have a wonderful outdoor living space! Digging sod was an absolute nightmare, and as with anything, my skill improved drastically over time. The initial cuts took ages in comparison to the rest. I kept thinking that my next step would be easier than the last, but that really was not the case. I wanted to be thorough and do it right. So-here is the breakdown of my construction process. My next post will have all of the pictures.

1. Spray-painted the ground to get a general idea of the shape. I ended up putting a bit of a curve on the outside.
2. Pounded wooden into the ground and ran mason’s line across the space. Determined the proper slope needed for drainage, and raised line accordingly.
3. Removed sod from space. (That was a grueling process filled with sweat and tears.)
4. Watched as birds of all kinds gathered to feast on the bugs in the large pile of dirt. I saw blue jays, cardinals, and an extremely pregnant robin.
5. Installed edging. A lot of people wait to do this until the end. I used the edging, however, as a guide, and it ended up helping tremendously in the screeding process.
6. Ordered limestone gravel. This stuff is fantastic! It is also quite heavy, so moving it from one side of the yard to the other in a wheel barrow was interesting to say the least. Spreading the gravel created a solid foundation for the patio.
7. Ordered over 1000 bricks from home depot. I had these delivered directly to my backyard. I still have quite a few leftover so I will let you know what I do with them!
8. Ordered sand. Sand is a miracle worker. Working as both a leveling agent and base, the sand sunk between the gravel and smoothed beautifully.

9. Screeded the sand with two connected 2 by 4’s. This was one of my favorite parts. I felt like I was building a giant sandcastle. In fact, I have enough leftover sand to build one the size of a dog house.10. Laid the bricks. I used the herringbone pattern. I love the variation and interest that this pattern provides.
11. Rented a wet saw made for masonry from Home Depot. I saved all of my cuts for the end. This was new for me. I did alright for my first time. My boyfriend did a little over half of the cuts though.
12. Spread additional sand with push broom in between bricks. Sprinkled with the hose.

Some notes: All-in-all, the patio project was a great success. While it was physically demanding and required a large amount of patience, all of my hard work was well worth it in the end.

Approximately 85% of the labor was done by me, however, my dad stopped by here and there to help oversee the project. He had built a few of these in the past so had a better idea of the technicalities involved. My sister and her boyfriend helped fill the space with gravel, and my boyfriend helped with the brick cuts (and lifting that wet saw!).


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