Craving a Project


Before-scuffed up dresser

Having endured one of the most unpleasant winters of my life, I was beyond ready to do some sort of house-related project. On Frigarageday, I spent hours upon hours organizing the garage. It was worth every bit of dirt and sweat. I am always seeming to acquire more STUFF. My garage was a colossal mess. Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture. But this is the after! The reality is that I will need more shelving because I am soon to acquire more stuff but I can enjoy the anti-clutter while it lasts! It’s truly a relief.

After-ta da

After-ta da

The other project that I did over the weekend was bedroom-related. It has felt a bit shabby and mismatched for a while now, so at the suggestion of my mother I decided to paint the old dresser that the b/f has been using. I know I know. Painting wood is a little bit sad sometimes. I just didn’t find it worth my while to refinish this piece.

I wanted a quick-fix, and seeing that I don’t have a strong attachment to this particular dresser, painting it white was the way to go.My paint was absolute Goo. “Pot of cream” is the color, and it was quite fitting considering the consistency. Perhaps more like, marshmallow cream. Nevertheless, here are the results. I am anxious for spring and some delightful warm weather so that I can start gardening again. Peace.


Hard to get a full pic of my room but p.s. I got a new mattress.




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