Spring Refreshers

Me with a giant leaf blower!

Me with a giant leaf blower!

It’s finally Spring and I am so excited and looking forward to all of the wonderful things that happen this time of the year. The weather has warmed up, the birds are chirping, that terribly harsh winter has finally taken a vacation (and I hope it’s a long one). My house is doing well, too. I have some Spring and Summer projects in mind, but nothing major. Part of me is relieved about that, but the other part truly loves the larger projects that can be easily noticed. No matter, though. I will notice my smaller details, and that’s what matters.

Audrey "helping" with the sand.

Audrey “helping” with the sand.

As soon as the weather was nice, Adam borrowed a large leaf blower, and we tackled what should have been done a long time ago. The leaf blower was a beast-monster and I just HAD to try it.  Needless to say, I could barely lift my arm the rest of the day.

While he continued to rake, I decided to do some patio maintenance. I headed out to the semi-permanent sand dune that resides in my back alley, and got to work. Audrey helped.

As soon as I had a weather forecast with warm temperatures and low chances of rain, I

The patio survived a long winter.

The patio survived a long winter.

took full advantage and re-painted the front steps. It has been 2 years since they were first painted (I have now owned the home for 2 years!), so they needed a fresh coat due to foot traffic. Luckily, I still had the original gallon.

Front steps are painting, garden is mulched.

Front steps are painting, garden is mulched.

I am pleased to report that my garden looks well! The perennials that my mother and I planted last year are thriving. I took the time one day after work this week to lay some fresh mulch and it made a beautiful difference, as always.

My projects for the next few months include:

  • Painting the kitchen I don’t plan on changing the color very much, but when I moved in, the entire interior of my house had been painted contractor’s beige. While I find the color to be warm and neutral, the paint itself is a true nightmare. It feels like sandpaper, cannot be cleaned, and takes on any and all fingerprints that it can. It doesn’t help that I had an oatmeal incident in the hallway one clumsy day before work.
  • Painting the dining room, family room, downstairs hallway, up the stairs, and upstairs hallway (Please note that all of these rooms have unfortunate fingerprints/wall stains that cannot be removed. This WILL be annoying. The most disappointing part I think is that I don’t know if the new paint will be that big of a change. It’s one of those things that just has to be addressed. Wear and tear.
  • Painting the Garage Door (It’s just cracked and icky.)
  • Cleaning out the yucky plumber drum-ma-bob that links to my bathtub (should be interesting).

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