Basement Freshening

1One evening after work last week, I decided to take some of my leftover, light blue paint from the dining room, and paint the basement stairs. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision that led to me painting the entire stairwell, stairs, AND the basement floor. Most of my (unfinished) basement was that sort of mint-ish green from the 50’s. It could be worse. The stairs are lined with this god-awful, brown speckled carpet runner. However, that will remain because it serves a safety purpose.

Adam in his workshop area-Jack on the table to the left.

Adam in his workshop area-Jack on the table to the left.

I have to say, painting sucks. Some people find it to be soothing, while others seem to hate it. To me-it’s a necessary evil. Paint is a relatively inexpensive fix that has the ability to completely transform a space, and when you are using leftover paint from a previous project, you are really saving yourself time and money.

Patched crack.

Patched crack.


Ta da! Floor paint…

So what did I do to prep the space? First I moved the dreaded litter box upstairs, along with Jack’s food and water, and locked the cat door. I’m sure that he would have loved to step in wet paint and mark his palace with his autograph. No such luck, panther kitty. Next, Adam and I moved all of the STUFF to one half of the basement. I had to patch a crack in the floor prior to painting. (Well, I didn’t HAVE to, but I wanted to do this right). I already had floor paint that I had used to paint the outside step (win). So I went at it. A couple days later, we moved the STUFF to the other side and I painted that side. Now it is all back in place. The space feels fresher. On to the next project. 46

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