Rustic Table Numbers

I am all about saving money, that is probably apparent throughout my blog. So, when it comes to things like table numbers for the wedding, I wanted to spend little to nothing-and I succeeded! Adam and I went for a walk and found a few logs/sticks. We carried them back to the house, and Adam cut them into slices. I finished each of them off by using a permanenumberssnt marker to write the numbers, and then a quick layer of mod podge for protection. Done and done, folks. Plain wooden slices retail from about $1.99 – $2.99 each.


Ta da!

Ta da!

Adam cutting the log in the garage.

Adam cutting the log in the garage.

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4 thoughts on “Rustic Table Numbers

  1. Oh my gosh- how beautiful and easy! I want to try this- do you know what kind of wood works best? Great job! 🙂

    • Mary says:

      Thank you so much! I’m pleased with how they turned out. They look even better now that they have dried out a bit. I’m not a wood expert, so I sadly can’t recommend what wood you should use. We probably didn’t use the best thing we could find. I will also note that some of them kept the bark and most of them lost it. However, even without the bark, I brushed off the edges and LIGHTLY sanded and they still looked just as good. You should make them. Too easy to pass up (and nearly free if you already have the right tools!).

  2. Sooo smart! Wanted to do these with aspen logs for my wedding!

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