Door Upgrade




When I first purchased my house, I had many many projects in mind ranging from big to small that were of course immediately prioritized. One of the projects that fell far on the list was to upgrade the interior doors. Hollowcore, damaged, and dated, over the past few years the doors had become


Bathroom door w/ black knob

more and more of a nuisance, sometimes mysteriously locking themselves. Try coming home having to pee like crazy just to find that your only bathroom door was closed and locked, and the lock was not easy to pick.

First, Adam and I just tried the simple solution-new knobs. Unfortunately, the doors had other plans. Being that they were from 1953, the holes were smaller than present-day standards. So, we purchased a door jig kit from Home Depot, as well as
several door knobs and went at it. That wasn’t enough for me though. Many of the doors had nicks and holes from wear and tear, and I was sick of looking at the general wood color. So alas, we took on the project of


Basement door w/ cat door

sanding, priming, and painting all of the doors in the interior of my little cape cod (10). The prospect of purchasing all new interior doors had of course crossed my mind and was seriously considered. However,we decided to work with what we had in order to be more cost-effective.

This project took some time due to limited space, cutting of the holes, and of course, the paint drying. Did we choose the best time of the year


The doors took over the little garage.

for this? No. The paint was a bit unhappy with the fluctuating weather. You see, this project took place in December and we had temperatures ranging from the 60’s to the 30’s. One day I was even able to paint outside….that was a mistake. A few unlucky bugs decided to land on the wet paint and, well, they are no longer with us.


Painted doors in garage


Ta-da! White doors with black knobs.

We patched the holes/nicks in the doors (w
hich of course was another step that had to dry). I learned ab
out the delightful fumes of oil-based primer, the joy of paint


Bathroom door and closet.

extender, the importance of sanding between coats,  the ease of an oversized paint tray, the convenience of a 5-in-1 for cleaning brushes, and that you should just take the damn hardwear off in advance.

I completed most of the painting prior to leaving for South
Carolina to see Adam’s parents, and when we returned, we put the doors back up. Since the new knobs are black, I used the product rub and buff on the existing hinges so that they would match. So far, the new doors are treating us well. It’s nice to finally have knobs that work 7ff85e67-3d3b-4ce7-9e68-0d903cb5f560properly. In the future, there will have to be touch ups, but that’s pretty normal.




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3 thoughts on “Door Upgrade

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Awesome job! Saving money by redoing your doors is smart! I need to do the same with my doors. I’m considering painting my doors a color…either black, dark gray or a any shade of gray. Love the knobs! Nice feeling to check something off the to-do list! Cheers, Koko:)

    • Mary says:

      Thank you. I really like the look of black doors in certain houses, especially if the door is paneled and the ceilings are high. In my case, I didn’t think it would look right. Good luck on your door project eventually. 🙂

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