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Garage Shelving & Organization

Hallelujah! The very small garage in this little cape code is officially organized. Let’s  just take a moment to appreciate a good before after.

Now for some progress photos:


Driveway disaster.

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DIY Lace Jewelry Display


DIY Jewelry Display

I really like jewelry, have a fair amount of it, and wear it on a regular basis. Some of it is currently housed in one of those great, clear organizational hanging jewelry pouches in my closet. The rest was previously in boxes in my top drawer as well as a jewelry box on my dresser. With limited space in my little cape cod, I wanted to come up with an economical solution to organize and utilize my jewelry, so I turned to the internet. There are many options out there, as you might imagine, so I combined various ideas and this was the result.

What you need:
Glue Gun 
Bulletin Board
Hook push pins (or hooks of some kind that you can attach)
Paint or Spray Paint (optional)



1. Gather your supplies
Locate a bulletin board. If you have one lying around, GREAT! You saved money & a step. I got mine at a craft store for under $7. Another option is to buy a sheet of cork and somehow attach it to an old frame.
“Pinhooks” were also a craft store purchase. The lace I used for this project was donated by my father who happened to have a box of old, lace curtains that were in his house when he bought it. Score!


Bulletin board post spray-paint

2. Spray-paint the bulletin board. 


Lace cut to size

This, of course, was an optional step, but I decided last-minute to spray-paint the board silver. I wanted it to be neutral, however, a dark color under the lace would also look really snazzy.

3. Cut the lace to size
I laid one of the old lace curtains on top of the bulletin board and cut around it, being sure to leave enough excess fabric so that I could wrap it around the back of the board tightly (Another option here would be to cut the lace so that it fits within the frame).

4. Glue gun time
Start with a hearty strip of glue that lines the border of the frame. The glue

Pull excess lace tightly around the back of the bulletin board

Pull excess lace tightly around the back of the bulletin board

will go directly on the cork. You may want to wear gloves if your fingers are sensitive to heat. Press the lace firmly to the cork, making sure to leave about 2 inches of excess lace (see photo above). Lift the lace and continue by putting beads or a strip of glue within the frame, and pressing the lace into the glue so that it sticks. Be sure to smooth the lace with your hands as you go so that you do not create unwanted folds or loose areas. Once you have securely glued the lace to the front of the bulletin board, flip it over and pull the excess lace tightly around the back. Glue again.

5. Push pin hooks in the board and hang your jewelry.
Place the push pin hooks on the board where you would like, and you are finished!
Hanging the board can be done like you would hang a painting.


Finished Product

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