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Garage Shelving & Organization

Hallelujah! The very small garage in this little cape code is officially organized. Let’s ┬ájust take a moment to appreciate a good before after.

Now for some progress photos:


Driveway disaster.

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Rustic Table Numbers

I am all about saving money, that is probably apparent throughout my blog. So, when it comes to things like table numbers for the wedding, I wanted to spend little to nothing-and I succeeded! Adam and I went for a walk and found a few logs/sticks. We carried them back to the house, and Adam cut them into slices. I finished each of them off by using a permanenumberssnt marker to write the numbers, and then a quick layer of mod podge for protection. Done and done, folks. Plain wooden slices retail from about $1.99 – $2.99 each.


Ta da!

Ta da!

Adam cutting the log in the garage.

Adam cutting the log in the garage.

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